Welcome to Pivotal Hypnotherapy. If you seek support in our specialties: Change behaviour, Stress and Anxiety, Weight Loss, Quit Smoking and Personal Growth, you have come to the right place. Self-Hypnosis is part of our strategy to empower personal growth. Click below for pages on topics and go to "About Me" page for more about me, our rates and sessions for particular work.

change Behaviour

  • Quit Smoking (link)

  • Reduce or manage  weight

  • Find flow & calm 

  • Create good habits

  • Change bothersome habits

  • Resolve sexual issues

  • Manage anger issues

  • Deal with effects of abuse 

  • Resolve relationships

personal growth


  • Mood​​​, sleep, memory, focus

  • Athletic performance

  • Self-motivation

  • Self-esteem

  • Self-confidence


  • Anxiety, stress, depression, 

  • Shyness, procrastination

  • Help children's issues: bedwetting​, thumb-sucking, or stuttering



  • Reduce chronic pain

  • Handle headache &  migraines

  • Reframe emotional trauma

  • Overcome PTSD

  • Reduce pain & fear of childbirth

control fears & phobias

  • Fear flying or heights

  • Dogs, insects or snakes

  • School exams

  • Dentist or medical tests

  • Reduce anxiety & panic attacks: general or chronic

  • Enjoy public speaking & performance​

  • Overcome stage fright​​​