A great hypnotherapist is not only well educated and well trained, also well-rounded in science and creative in the application of hypnotist foundational skills.  Acknowledging that we have a "second brain" in our human gut is an important difference Lynne brings to the hypnosis and hypnotherapy process. Lynne has been called the "gut-brain hypnotist".


Lynne Potter Lord

"The Gut-Brain Hypnotist"

MSc, BHE, B.Ed,

5-PATH Master Hypnotherapist

7th PATH Instructor and

Certified Online Session Hypnotist

MSc.Human Ecology with a focus on the Gut-Brain-Microbiome axis

Rhodes Certified Life Skills Coach & Life Skills Counsellor

Member of IMDHA (International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapists Association).

Member of NGH

(National Guild of Hypnotists)

I use a client-centred​, human ecological & Gut-Brain approach at both the conscious and subconscious levels of the mind. Learning and change become much easier. Sheer will power is no longer necessary because our subconscious mind can take more of the "heavy lifting" of our personal growth. Ease, flow, peace all become achievable.


Some issues take 1-2 sessions, some others take more. A session is about 1.5 - 2 hours long. Regular rate ranges $400 - $500 per session depending on discount for session packages. Committed clients receive discounts when they book a custom multi-session program. See below for details. Membership for advanced clients includes regular webinars, private coaching and retreats and for monthly rate.

Power bites: 1-2 sessions for most clients

Quit smoking               (one ~2-3 hr. session is $500)       

Improve eating or sleeping habits

Start exercising or other good habits

Better study & exam discipline


7th PATH Self-hypnosis group classes        $275

Thursday eve & Sat. afternoon;  Beginner or Advanced. Minimum class size required.

Workbook included in beginner's. Pre-reading recommended. Call to register in advance.

5-PATH Hypnotherapy (custom 5-6 sessions) 

We offer committed clients a discount when they book a custom multi-session program. In a hypnotherapy program, other practical skills are included. 7th PATH Self-hypnosis instruction, EFT, gut health details and other tools are taught specifically geared to the clients' need.

Books and journal included.

Custom recordings optional.

Book a consultation for

more information.

Online Zoom sessions

always available.


"When I started working with Lynne, she told me that my life was about to change. To be honest I was a bit skeptical, I did not realize that it could happen so soon. I highly recommend working with Lynne.  She uses a holistic approach and does not spend hours talking about your past traumas and experiences. She is very generous with sharing different resources, tools that she is aware of. During the course of my treatment I learnt about ETF method, self-hypnosis, gut health, I learnt common feeling patterns and how to correct them. Lynne was able to point out the root cause of my autoimmune condition! She also gave me recommendations on how to correct it. I think everyone will benefit from working with Pivotal Hypnotherapy. Very grateful."

-Ainur S.

'I would highly recommend this service for anyone struggling with deep set challenges. Lynne helped me reach a core understanding of the challenges that likely were buried in my subconscious. I noticed almost right a way a switch in my thinking as I practiced what she taught me during session. I believe that anyone who is currently struggling with challenges that they cannot pinpoint would benefit greatly from Lynne's services.

-Susan D."

"Lynne's professionalism, kindness, intelligence, ethics, ability to see the larger picture, her excellent skills and creativity in hypnotherapy - all stand out."        

-Sherry Hood, Clinical Lecturer, Dept. Family Medicine, University of Alberta

Lynne’s commitment to client well-being coupled with in-depth knowledge of Hypnotherapy made my first session life-changing.  Long afflicted with poor sleep habits, unsuccessful in attempts to change them, and unable to calm my mind in order to fall back to sleep, Lynne provided tools & techniques allowing me calm & peace. I let go of worries plaguing me for years, and enjoyed a full night’s sleep for the first time in decades. I recommend Lynne highly and am eagerly anticipating my next session. Thank you beyond measure, Lynne.” 

- S. Logie, B.Ed, M.E., NBPTS-Stanford University. 

"Thank you , Lynne, for introducing me to hypnotherapy. You know me well and your kindness was reflected in your caring approach. You said affirmations that were so finely tuned to what I needed. As a result, I am buoyant tonight and optimistic.  I can’t wait for my next session."     -G.D.