The Gut-Brain Connection

Recent scientific research has highlighted the absolute significance of the gut-brain connection in human health.  As a developing fetus, our guts and brains start from the same cells.  They  develop together, stay connected, and constantly communicate with each other throughout our lives.  Scientists just didn't realize the significance of this bacterial community and its connection until the last few years.  Our gut bacteria communicate to our brains and control behaviours through hormones and other chemistry they produce through their 'poop'.  Byproducts of their bodily functions participate in cellular and organ chemistry throughout our bodies. 

As we have evolved symbiotically since the beginning of time, bacteria are intimately involved in all chemical reactions throughout our entire bodies.  In fact, bacteria, protozoa, fungi and more, participate in all plant and animal bodies of the air, sea, and soil, cooperating to create and maintain health of individuals and communities. Biomes and microbiomes exist at all levels of ecology on our planet. Everything, (and I mean EVERYTHING) is interconnected.

Working with our minds in conjunction with our gut can compound the great results possible with hypnosis.

The study of the human gut microbiome or microbiota is currently revolutionizing medicine and the ability to impact our own personal health.  Any work with the mind and brain benefits greatly from strong gut health.  This is achievable through eating a wide diversity of colourful foods, quality fibre rich foods, eating organic and grass-fed meats, fish and poultry, eating fermented foods daily, with good sleep habits and moderate exercise.  Focus more on replenishing and feeding the microbiome for optimum health and wellness.

The microbiome has now been connected to many brain diseases, including anxiety, depression, ADHD, Altzheimer's, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's and Autism. 

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