Do you have a "too much" behaviour?
Eating too much? Smoking or vaping too much? (link) 
Maybe drinking too much? Shopping? Gambling?
All these "too much" habits come from the same part of your brain. 
Would you like to create good habits and drop bothersome ones? Do you seek flow and calm? Would you like to manage your anger or anxiety and have better relationships? Hypnosis can be used to 'fix' bad behaviours but also to accelerate positive growth and change.
Hypnotherapy is a heightened state of suggestion that can support all these things. Similar to, and incorporating principles of mindfulness, hypnotherapy powerfully uses the suggestibility of the subconscious mind as a tool for making desired change, cleaning up old habits, and creating fast and dynamic personal growth. 
​​​Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are among the fastest growing fields of human achievement, growth and change. Hypnotherapists often work with those frustrated because nothing else worked  to achieve personal goals, or they are willing and open to try new techniques.
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Scientists, medical professionals, psychologists and hypnotherapists have been using hypnosis for over 200 years. 

In particular, the American Medical Association and the Canadian Medical Association has acknowledged hypnosis as a therapy since 1954!

No one has ever been hurt for simply using hypnosis.  Working with a hypnotist, individuals co-create a process to set and achieve whatever change is desired.  Because we work with the subconscious mind, things can happen fast and effortlessly.  Will power becomes unnecessary!


Lynne Potter Lord, MSc, BHE, B.Ed

Certified 5-PATH Master Hypnotherapist

Certified Teacher 7th-PATH Self Hypnosis

Certified Online Hypnotherapy Sessions

Certified Life Skills Counsellor


stop talking...


We all have our story.  There are many things in those stories that can get in our way. This is normal human behaviour.  In Buddhism they call it "suffering" but it is just a normal human way of being to label everything in life. Labelling things creates and can limit language, culture and thought processes.

How each of us sees the world and reacts to it is unique from others.  Sometimes the way we perceive things and the worldview we create prevents us from enjoying things. Things can be people, activities we used to enjoy, or even things we have never been able to enjoy, but would like to.  We can remove barriers by changing our mind. Just like that!

Through Hypnosis we can see real change FAST, then expect to see gradual growth thereafter. 

Self-Hypnosis Group Courses

Self-Hypnosis enables the student to take learned skills into life and be empowered. This can mean everything from changing habits or behaviours to setting goals and dreams - and achieving them!

This introductory class enables individuals to master the first 4 Recognitions to clear up old news, and reach the 5th Recognition where custom personal affirmations are self driven.

This course is offered once per quarter at this time. Space is limited. Discount offered when fully paid in advance. Conducted on free 'Zoom' platform or in person. Sign up or inquire above for more information.

Beginner course:  First 5 Recognitions.

Live: Thursday 5-7pm + Saturday 1-4pm

Approximately 6 hrs total

Advanced course: Recognitions 6-9

Thursday + Saturday same hours.

Must have completed Beginner course to register for advanced.

Retreat: call or email for more information

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