What is 5 PATH?
Five Phases of Advanced Transformational Hypnotherapy

Some hypnotherapists and hypnotists undergo advanced hypnosis training and certification in 5-PATH® Hypnotherapy. These hypnosis professionals are among some of the most advanced hypnotherapists with whom you can work. Training and certification in 5-PATH® Hypnotherapy allows the hypnotist to go far beyond what most hypnotists can do in a hypnosis session.

Following is a quick outline of how highly trained hypnosis professionals differentiate themselves from the rest:

  • a comprehensive "pre-talk" about hypnosis

  • pre-hypnosis interview to ascertain what your goals are and how to best help you reach them

  • your hypnotherapist will:

    • use modern inductions to efficiently begin your work at the correct level of hypnosis for your goals 

    • provide you with evidence that you were hypnotized and customize each session

    • 5-PATH hypnotherapists know how to match the right inductions with the right techniques to achieve maximum results

    • 5-PATH hypnotherapists are trained to get to the problem cause and eliminate it as well as give suggestions for success

    • your 5-PATH professional is trained to deal with things you may not have considered as internal conflicts.  For example, people who wish to make positive changes sometimes fear conflicts (smoker afraid to gain weight or fear strongly missing the habit). 

    • Personal growth and change can be anything from learning to stop fingernail biting, cure insomnia or to overcome extreme fears and phobias.  Hypnotherapy can also support those wishing to take skills such as athletic performance to a new level of achievement.

We hope that this additional information about 5-PATH® Hypnotherapy has been useful for you. When you work with a 5-PATH® Certified hypnotist or hypnotherapist you are working with one of the best trained hypnosis professionals in the world. See more at www.5-PATH.com.

If you have any further questions about 5-PATH®, 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® or hypnotherapy, please contact our office. Call us today.

What is 7th PATH?

7th PATH is an ascension meditation Self-Hypnosis technique developed by Cal Banyan to accompany the 5-PATH Method. It parallels the 5-PATH process, although is slower and occurs in the privacy of your own mind. 7th PATH can be taken within private sessions or as a separate course. Classes can be held in person or online in the webinar format.

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